Guess the Text Answers Level 78:

What does FBM mean?

How can you not love text abbreviations and texting acronyms when you realize some of them talk about things that are as old as mankind? Not the text slang, the concept it conveys, to be more specific. Now we have to see “what does FBM mean” in our modern text-based world, as in real life, it means something completely different! This is why the Guess the Text answers and explanations are for!

Some people disagree with the overused employment of texting acronyms, as some words or idioms are indeed short and don’t require complex processes of being turned into text abbreviations. Even if you agree to their use or not, we still have a game to win, so let’s learn “what does FBM mean” in Internet slang and level up, as the finish line is getting closer!

The beauty of Internet texting acronyms is that they gained completely different meanings, even if the acronym itself has been in use for a long time. It’s the case with the FBM one, as its main connotation is “full body massage” and we’re pretty sure that it was invented long before the Internet. However, modern times ask for modern acronyms, so nowadays, FBM means “fine by me.”

We say FBM usually in conversations we need to put an end to by agreeing to something. Of course, you can use it casually to express agreement, but keep in mind that you’re not overjoyed with anything, you just accept things as they are.

Guess the Text Answers –

FBM – Fine by Me

FBM texting acronyms