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What does EMO mean?

“What does EMO mean” seems to be the question which marked modern society a few years in a row. People still wonder what everything was all about, but let’s stick to our Guess the Text answers, hints and tips and learn what does this mean in texting, not in real life. Make no mistake: this is one of those tricky text abbreviations which are sensitive to context and culture, so watch out before you use it.

If you weren’t playing Guess the Text and somebody asked you what EMO means, you surely would have answered the question correctly. But we are here to develop on the versatility and trickiness of text abbreviations and texting acronyms, so let’s read the Guess the Text answers and explanations and figure out “what does EMO mean” in text-based conversations!

Emo is more than an abbreviation or some sort of Internet slang text (standing for “emotional”), is the name of an entire subculture usually subjected to mockery by the others. Originally, emo was a style of rock music focused on complex musical arrangements and lyrics that explored the emotional side of people.

Be careful when you text people saying you’re EMO, as it might get misinterpreted. Nowadays, calling someone an “emo” means labeling that person and including her / him into a stereotype, a category, composed usually by teenagers that dress and act in a particular manner. You may want to use the text to express the fact that you’re emotional and subjected to many overwhelming feelings, while people might believe you regressed to some type of whining adolescent.

Guess the Text Answers –

EMO – Emotional

EMO texting acronyms