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What does AFAIK mean?

Did you ever realize that writing text acronyms wrongly changes completely the meaning of a message? It takes only one skipped letter to convey a completely different meaning and thus alter an entire argument or discussion! Don’t search too far for the answer to the “what does AFAIK mean” question, as you’re on the Guess the Text answers level 76 page, and all the hints, cheats and explanations are right here below!

The troubles with texting acronyms is that they seem to show up completely random from all text-based conversation environments, to change meaning and to be so similar (in some cases), you need to pay attention to what you actually type. Let’s learn what does AFAIK mean by reading the Guess the Text answers and how to not mistake it for other texting acronyms, shall we?

Don’t mistake the AFK acronym (which stands for “away from keyboard”) with the AFAIK acronym, which stands for “as far as I know.” The acronym is also employed in lower case – afaik – but it means the same thing.

We use the AFAIK text in emails, Facebook chatting and phone messaging to express some level as uncertainty related to a piece of information or a topic that is under discussion. It is also a way of not assuming responsibility for a statement you make, as you may also be a victim of disinformation.

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AFAIK – As Far As I Know

AFAIK texting acronyms