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What does BSNS mean?

Do you remember what we said before about some text abbreviations? It’s enough to remove the vowels of a word and you have something resembling text acronyms we use in texting and online chatting in order to save some time. The Guess the Text answers for level 75 are here to further explain the meaning and uses of “what does BSNS mean” in slang text, emphasizing on some texting acronyms that usually accompany this one.

You know you can write entire sentences only with the help of text acronyms and Internet slang text abbreviations. Some disagree completely, as they see it as a sign of laziness and disrespect towards the language, but others see the space and time saving side and agree to employ such texting abbreviations. We are here just to show you “what does BSNS mean”!

BSNS is an Internet slang abbreviation for the word “business.” We got used to eliminate vowels from words and use only the consonants. Never use this abbreviation in formal text messages, emails or chat.

You may have seen the combination SRS BSNS in Facebook comments or any type of text-based communication, as it is used as form of mockery. We ironically say about something that it is “srsbsns” when we deal with obsessed people, or with the ones complaining too much about ordinary, mundane things.

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BSNS – Business

BSNS texting acronyms