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What does KF mean?

Did you know that some text abbreviations of the same category can be placed on scales to express the intensity level of the feelings they describe? If you wonder what does KF mean and what it its power in text-based conversations, look no further, as we have the right Guess the Text answers and explanations to enhance your texting acronyms knowledge.

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KF stands for “kinda funny” and is one of those numerous text abbreviations that fill in the void of online conversations when we lack tone of voice, gestures and face-to-face interaction. KF also means “Kung Fu” and it is rather common as acronym for this martial art.

In text-based communication KF is used in between LOL and “not funny”, as it expresses some sort of amusement, but not such an intense one to elicit “laughing out loud.”

Guess the Text Answers –

KF – Kinda Funny

KF texting acronyms