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What does 4RL mean?

Some text abbreviations are harder to figure out than others. When it comes to explaining what does 4RL mean, think back at what we taught you via the Guess the Text answers, cheats and explanations for past texting acronyms. You should have a solution of your own for this text and we encourage you to verify it against the Guess the Text answers level 73 page you’re on right now.

We may not have emphasized this enough, but you should learn that some text abbreviations, like this one, are used to also convey entire questions, not only statements, phrases or words. The beauty of texting acronyms is that they’re versatile and innovative in this way and can be employed with a high level of flexibility. Now let’s check out what does 4RL mean and level up!

In Internet slang (emails, phone text messages, online chatting), 4RL stands for “for real” – as you can easily figure out, 4 stands for “for” and RL stands for “real” – again no vowels.

This abbreviation is used usually as a question, a form of expressing surprise and disbelief. You may have seen something like R U 4RL – which translates into “are you for real” – a question we ask people we suspect of being too stupid to even exist.

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4RL – For Real

4RL texting acronyms