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What does ADR mean?

Many text abbreviations are used in informal conversations between friends, family members and colleagues. This is one of them. Before considering “what does ADR mean” in text-based conversations, let’s remember that many texting acronyms have a “real life” definition and a few slang definitions. You’re about to find out everything there is to know about this slang text with the help of the next Guess the Text answers, tips and explanations.

You know we like giving you full profiles of the game’s text abbreviations and text acronyms, as you have to know their origin, their alternative meanings and their possible uses, off and online. We believe in the educational side of this game, that’s why we deliver all the Guess the Text answers and hints! Let’s see what does ADR mean and level up!

In formal environments, even official ones, this is an acronym meaning “American Depositary Receipt” – referring to foreign stock traded on a US exchange. As text acronyms go, ADR  means a lot of things, depending on the context, as it has medical meanings, organizational meanings and so on. In internet slang, ADR comes with a main connotation and that is “all due respect.” A secondary connotation is “additional drinks required”, so be careful when you use it and with who, as the message gets interpretable.

The full idiom “with all due respect” is usually used at the beginning of a sentence, to politely introduce a form of disagreement or an opposite perspective on the topic in discussion. ADR is used in the same context in friendly chat. Never use ADR in formal, official emails or texts.

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ADR – All Due Respect

ADR texting acronyms