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What does FAI mean?

The answer to the “what does FAI mean” question will teach you again that some texting acronyms are language and country-dependent. So be careful who your conversation partner is and if you two speak about the same things. This is why the Guess the Text answers are here for, to further guide you into the tricky world of text abbreviations and their alternative definitions.

You’re closer to another important milestone in the game and it’s time to get ready to enter the straight rod towards the finish line. It would be a shame to get stuck to some texting acronyms and declare defeat, so use our Guess the Text answers and hints pages one level after the other. So let’s level up by learning “what does FAI mean” and putting this text slang behind us too.

When you’re wondering “what does this mean in texting?” you should consider, just for the fun of it, the nationality of your conversation partner. For instance, in France, FAI is a real-estate abbreviation meaning that the price of a property also includes the fair of the agent. However, as text abbreviations go in Internet slang, FAI means simply “forget about it.”

We tell people to FAI when we want to tell them that we won’t develop on a certain subject. It’s a way of saying “never mind”, with the intention of putting an end to that particular conversation.

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FAI – Forget About It

FAI texting acronyms