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What does 4E mean?

Some text abbreviations are used in a polite manner, while others are considered a mockery of the concept itself. We are here to determine what does 4E mean, but we also should learn how to employ it and when to choose between texting acronyms and full words, to not offend people or sound too incoherent. For this, we have the next Guess the Text answers, cheats and explanations and we recommend you use them!

Besides learning the meanings of text acronyms and text abbreviations, we also teach you how to employ them in text-based conversations and especially how to not abuse them, as even text slang has its limits. So let’s find out what does 4E mean in texting and what do the Guess the Text answers and cheats say about this text combination!

Depending on whom you ask, this abbreviation has at least two very commonly used meanings. According to the Internet slang dictionaries, 4E stands for “forever”, a very short manner to convey a simple word. However, Dungeons and Dragons players use the 4E shorthand to refer to the universally hated and contested D&D 4th edition version.

We use the 4E abbreviation as “forever” when we’re in a hurry and want to express something with the best possible economy of words. In some circles, the 4E slang text is considered to be impolite, as “forever” implies patience, responsibility, eternity, so it’s not quite alright to speak about “forever” in such a dismissal manner.

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4E – Forever

4E texting acronyms