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What does PRT mean?

Depending on who you ask, the “what does PRT mean” question has many answers across countries. But this is the beauty of the game and our Guess the Text answers and help pages: they teach you that text abbreviations and texting acronyms are versatile and context- dependent. Some texting acronyms mean different things in different corners of the Internet, and we’re here to offer you as many text abbreviations alternative definitions as we can.

One trick you should employ when trying to guess text acronyms is to fill in the text with some vowels. Of course, you can get them wrong, but you also might be spot on and guess the text answers only with the help of this easy strategy. But let’s see how we can break this puzzle and figure out what does PRT mean.

Don’t ask the Brits what PRT means in their country, as they’ll tell you it’s a direct tax collected in the United Kingdom, namely the “Petroleum Revenue Tax.” This is also the ISO code of the country Portugal, and, depending on the context, PRT may mean a lot of things. However, in Internet-based chatting, PRT stands for the word “party” and besides orphaning the word of its two vowels, the abbreviation is not that special or hard to understand.

You can use the PRT abbreviation whenever you decide to talk about a party or when you think of throwing one with any occasion you find fit. Fun fact: in some circles, the PRT is used to describe the Puerto-Rican Tuxedo, one of the classiest outfits ever invented for men. So be careful how and when you employ this text.

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PRT – Party

PRT texting acronyms