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What does T+ 😉 mean?

You see some weird piece of writing and you wonder: what does this symbol mean in texting? You’re right to do so and even wonder “what does T+ 😉 mean”, as it looks like a random string of letters and math symbols and emoticons. Well, you are on the Guess the Text answers level 64 page, so it’s time to dig deeper into the mysteries of text abbreviations and texting acronyms!

Level 64 is another important milestone you reached. We truly hope our Guess the Text cheats and guides are of use to you, helping you to learn better texting acronyms uses and meanings. Drop us a line with your thoughts and comments on our Guess the Text answers! Now let’s see what does T+ 😉 mean and how do people use it in written conversations!

This is an abbreviation we are very much accustomed with since the rise of text-based chatting, as it means “think positive”. This construction displays the group T+ which means “think positive.” T comes from “think” and + is used to express “positive” (just like in physics). We also have this 😉 – which we all know represents a “wink.” In today’s hi-tech world, the 😉 is automatically replaced with a winking emoticon.

It’s not hard to understand how and when T+ 😉 is employed. We tell people to think positive whenever we want to encourage them to look at the bright side of life and things, to be optimistic and hope for the best.

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T+ 😉 – Think Positive

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