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What does IUSS mean?

This is one of those texting acronyms that made it to the Internet slang dictionaries, so it’s rather easy to find out what does IUSS mean in written conversations. However, if you read carefully the next Guess the Text answers, you’ll find out that even this popular text slang has formal and official uses. But that’s why you are on the Guess the Text answers level 63 page, right? To learn more and more about text abbreviations!

The game gives you points for guessing all the texting acronyms it features, and we grant you extra points for being so determined to win the game! Many of our players understood we provide full Guess the Text answers, cheats and hints for them to learn. So let’s find out what does IUSS mean and how to use it!

Almost all slang dictionaries agree that IUSS stands for “if you say so” in text-based communication. This doesn’t mean the abbreviation doesn’t convey multiple meanings, being used in more formal environments conveying all sorts of names of institutions or programs and so on. Just as an example, IUSS is commonly used to refer to the “International Union for Soil Sciences.”

We use the IUSS just like the idiom “if you say so” whenever we are not sure if the person we are talking to tells the truth or has a valid argument. It’s a way of politely saying (or communicating subtly) that you are not interested in the topic, or that your attitude towards the entire discussion is utter indifference.

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IUSS – If You Say So

IUSS texting acronyms