Guess the Text Answers Level 62:

What does GFU mean?

Don’t think about bad things just because you see letter F in text abbreviations! It is true that we have two possible answers to the question “what does GFU mean”, but the game requires the more appropriate and frequent meaning. However, if you want to learn more things about texting acronyms and their correct employment, the Guess the Text answers and fun facts gives you a clearer picture on the possible uses and meaning of the GFU text.

Don’t get us wrong, there are Internet slang dictionaries detailing the most common text abbreviations and texting acronyms, it’s just that people like to employ the same text to convey another meaning. There are some established text acronyms and some which have double meanings. Let’s clear the air and see what does GFY mean in more than one way!

The GFU abbreviation has at least two possible meanings in text-based chatting, and we’ll talk about both, so you are explicit enough in conversations (as misunderstandings can easily occur). The first meaning, as it is featured by this game is “good for you.” The second is rather impolite, but frequently used. For the sake of coherent conversations, let’s just say the GFU’s second meaning is “Go f…orget yourself” (if you catch our drift).

We use GFU in texting just as we’d use the idiom it conveys: it’s a form of appraisal, of appreciating someone’s achievement. So GFU for finishing this level as well!

Guess the Text Answers –

GFU – Good for You

GFU texting acronyms