Guess the Text Answers Level 61:

What does VSF mean?

Did we ever tell you that some texting acronyms have different meanings in other languages? We guess we did when we talked about “what does LOL mean”. But we’re on “what does VSF mean” in Internet slang and we can tell you, it’s not the name of a blood analysis. Enjoy the Guess the Text answers and fun facts for level 61, as we teach you also a foreign expression you might find useful – conveyed by the VSF acronym.

The beauty and pain coming together with the use of text acronyms and written conversation text abbreviations is that they are versatile, flexible, interchangeable and even language-dependent. So what better way to learn new text acronyms meanings and uses if not playing this game? Let’s find out what does VSF mean in English and Portuguese, shall we?

In Internet language VSF is said to mean “very sad face”, although we have found other meanings for this abbreviation as well. An interesting one in particular is the Portuguese language use of VSF – which comes from “Vai se foder” apparently, an expression we won’t translate for obvious reasons. When you have something with the F-word, everybody knows what it means.

As usage goes, we’re not sure people use this abbreviation too often, as it was replaced with emoticons and emojis, many of them conveying a very sad face in a very deep and powerful graphic manner. We use the VSF usually when others tell us sad things or give us bad news.

Guess the Text Answers –

VSF – Very Sad Face

VSF texting acronyms