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What does PIR mean?

If you really want to become a master at using text abbreviations and texting acronyms, you should know that some are used by certain categories of people, while others are universally employed. Before asking yourself “what does PIR mean”, ask your adult buddies if they ever used it. In case you’re stuck to this level, make the best use of our Guess the Text answers, cheats and interesting information and learn when and how some texting acronyms are employed.

Seeing the abundance of text abbreviations and slang text frenzy, it makes you wonder how people communicated back in the 60s for instance. They were having the same issues, but texting acronyms were out of the question. Funny how the world changes. But let’s go back to what does PIR mean and see the answers!

PIR may mean a lot of things, such as “Parachute Infantry Regiment” or “Protein Identification Resource”, but in chat and text-based communication it stands for “Parents in Room.” Also, “pir” as a substantive refers to an ancient Sufi master (in Persian) or spiritual guide.

This is an Internet slang abbreviation used mostly by teenagers in phone text messaging or Facebook chat to warn the other conversation partner that the parents are around and perhaps the conversation should be paused, so the parents can’t see it. In the sixties, the kids would probably just change the subject in mid conversation or put down the phone when the parents entered the room.

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PIR – Parent In Room

PIR texting acronyms