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What does NC mean?

Some text abbreviations precede the texting acronyms the world invented to communicate faster in written conversations. It’s hard to believe there are people who don’t know “what does NC mean”, as the NC text acronym is pretty famous. If you know the solution but you came to the Guess the Text answers level 59 for a quick check, it means you’re serious about winning the game. Guessing all the text acronyms is the main goal, isn’t it?

Congratulations for making it to level 59! You went through many texting acronyms so far and there are a few more to come, but with your skills and our Guess the Text cheats, hints and fun facts, we’re sure you’ll beat the game in no time! To level up we should first see “what does NC mean” in today’s world!

Besides meaning North Carolina as a state code in the US, the NC acronym used in Internet slang usually means “no comment”, although others think it means “nobody cares.” However, it was not the Internet people who invented the “no comment” tag or the later tag-turned-abbreviation. We can trace back this expression to the international news channel Euronews which has been featuring video footage with no commentaries since the nineties.

In Internet slang and texting abbreviations, we use the NC abbreviation to let our conversation partner know that we don’t have anything to say about a given matter. It is also used as a subtle warning which elegantly suggests that a certain issue or topic should be better left aside without any comments.

Guess the Text Answers –

NC – No Comment

NC texting acronyms