Guess the Text Answers Level 58:

What does KC mean?

Among all text abbreviations in the game, this one is a delicious one as it means completely different things in American English, British English and Internet language! If you want to know “what does KC mean” in the framework of this game, read the next Guess the Text answers, hints, explanations and fun info we provide! Many text acronyms have alternative meanings and you’re in luck, as we detail the most important of them right here.

You’re two steps closer to level 60, which proves ambition and determination in learning all the texting acronyms to come across while playing this game. Note that we said “learn” and not just “guess.” We take our teaching job seriously, so besides letting you know “what does KC mean” in slang, we also tell you what it means in other contexts!

Never ask a British what KC means, as you won’t get an Internet slang acronym, but a highly regarded one – at least in Great Britain. In the United Kingdom, a KC (King’s Counsel) is a British lawyer of the highest ranks who is allowed to represent people in the court of law. Now back to the web world we all live in, KC means simply “keep cool.” In the US, KC also means Kansas City.

We tell people to KC when we want to encourage them to keep their calm, cool composure in a certain difficult situation. In text-based slang, however, KC is used to also describe a certain type of guy (but this is women Internet slang, a completely different language).

Guess the Text Answers –

KC – Keep Cool

KC texting acronyms