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What does HOAS mean?

Remember when we said some text abbreviations are polite, while others are disrespectful? When it comes to “what does HOAS mean”, we have to emphasize that this one falls in the first category. Learn more about texting acronyms and their alternative meanings and uses by reading the Guess the Text answers we provide on this platform! You can use the Guess the Text answers level 57 page to figure out what HOAS means in casual online conversations!

Some text acronyms are mostly used by teenagers and young people, as the adults still prefer to write full words and phrases instead of using text abbreviations. However, one cannot know too many things, so take the game as an educational exercise for all ages. If you still wonder what does HOAS mean, read the following Guess the Text cheats!

Now if you’re a computer scientist, your first reaction in interpreting the HOAS acronym would be to think about the Higher Order Abstract Syntax. But if you are a seasoned text-based computer user and you chat a lot online and via text messages, for you HOAS means just “hold on a sec.”

This is a polite way of interrupting a text conversation, asking your partner to hold that thought or stop writing for a moment, as something came up. If things get serious, usually after the HOAS comes a BRB, to let the other one know you’ll be out of the conversation for some time, but planning to come back.

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HOAS – Hold On a Sec

HOAS texting acronyms