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What does GJ mean?

In case you wonder “what does GJ mean” as it somehow looks familiar to you, let’s remind you that some text acronyms come from video games and online gaming. If you really want to get to the bottom of this mystery and learn new fun things about one of the many gaming texting acronyms, read the next Guess the Text answers and cheats! Of course, many such text abbreviations are used today even in casual phone messages and online chat.

Isn’t it fun to learn new text abbreviations, especially when they are so intimately related to Internet text slang? The game was built as a challenge and an entertaining manner to keep you busy during dull moments, but learning texting acronyms is quite useful for real life. So let’s find out what does GJ mean!

GJ meaning “good job” and sometimes “great job” is an Internet acronym which can be traced back to online gaming. It is one of the many GG, GJ, SS or WP combinations you can stumble upon if you watch a gamer over the shoulder when he plays an online team game with his buddies.

Gamers use the “GJ!” to praise another team member for a great achievement, or a deed that deserved to be appreciated. As we said before, text-base conversations didn’t solve the “tone of voice” problem, so the GJ acronym can also be used in irony. However, we guess gamers figure things out in the context.

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GJ – Good Job

GJ texting acronyms