Guess the Text Answers Level 55:

What does QT mean?

We’re surprised to see that many people wonder “what does QT mean” in texting, but on the other hand, we understand why some are bothered by the use of text abbreviations to shorten really short words. If you got stuck to this level or you just want to check your own solution against ours, this is the Guess the Text answers level 55 page, so you have all the Guess the Text cheats, hints and tips.

This is indeed a fun puzzle game teaching you about important things like text abbreviations in written online or phone messaging. How do you feel when someone talks to you in letters, numbers and symbols and you don’t know what the text acronyms stand for? Let’s learn new things – as in what does QT mean – and become masters of Internet slang!

Even if you don’t know what QT means in texting, you can figure it out by reading out loud the letters. Put them together and you’ll see they actually make the word “cutie.”Also, there’s an online / texting slang expression: “on the QT” – which means “in confidence”, or “in silence” – and it is based on the fact that QT can also be used for “quiet.”

This is used as a term of endearment addressed to a loved one or a close friend. However, the QT slang text is also used in the online environment for “quality time.”

Guess the Text Answers –

QT – Cutie

QT texting acronyms