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What does U IGHT mean?

For all the right reasons some people wonder “what does U IGHT mean”, as it looks so strange and so… illiterate. It’s not about being illiterate when you use text abbreviations and texting acronyms in written conversations (not always, at least), but being in a hurry. You can solve this mystery and learn more about this Internet shorthand by reading our Guess the Text answers and understanding how common phrases end up as text abbreviations and text acronyms.

Level 54 sounds just about right, a round number proving you are quite determined to finish this game. We will be here every step of the way by offering our complete Guess the Text answers, text acronyms cheats, text abbreviations explanations and so on. So let’s not waste time, see what does U IGHT mean and level up!

Once upon a time, the word “alright” was shortened to “aight”, which nowadays (through an excessive shortening process) turned into “ight.” Letter U needs little presentation, as it stands for “You” since the dawn of texting. In other words, the baffling abbreviation U IGHT means “are you alright?”

The “ight” contraction for OK or “alright” gained popularity among skaters. Now the U IGHT is actually a very polite and affectionate way of asking somebody if they are feeling good or if they’re safe.

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U IGHT – Are You Alright

U IGHT texting acronyms