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What does AML mean?

Before answering to “what does AML mean” in text-based communications and Internet slang, let’s remember that some text acronyms have serious, formal and decades-long history of use. If you read the next Guess the Text answers, cheats and hints you’ll learn that some texting acronyms in Internet language coincidentally resemble established text abbreviations. So whenever you ask yourself what does this mean in texting, make sure you use the correct resources for the meanings.

Getting confused and lost in a text-based conversation is easier than we might find comfortable, as many texting acronyms are subjected to contextual interpretations. Maybe it’s not the case with this one, but for educational purposes, read our complete Guess the Text answers and explanations, so you can differentiate text abbreviations. Now let’s see what does AML mean and how to use it!

AML usually, formally and most frequently stands for “Anti Money Laundering” – as a set of laws, regulations and procedures employed to stop the illegal making of money through the operation known as “laundering.” However, in text-based conversations, AML ended up meaning “all my love.”

This one is used when we want to emphasize our feelings towards the person we write to. It is used as a closing line to romantic emails, messages and phone texts between lovers and even close friends. You have to appreciate the imagination people show when they invent Internet slang texting abbreviations and acronyms.

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AML – All My Love

AML texting acronyms