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What does QPSA mean?

We told you that the next text abbreviations would become trickier and trickier and if you don’t believe us, just answer to “what does QPSA mean?” when you see it in Facebook chat or phone texts! Is your brain working hard but not getting any luck? Look below at our Guess the Text answers, cheats, hints and explanations and remember that not all texting acronyms are what they look like.

There are some text abbreviations which are used by foreigners (in their native tongue), but which somehow managed to become universal and commonly used by all people. Some of these foreign texting acronyms made it to the mainstream and are quite frequently employed. So do you want to find out what does QPSA mean? Let’s read the Guess the Text answers and cheats and learn new text acronyms!

QPSA is the Internet shorthand of “que pasa” – the Spanish question for “what’s up” or “what’s going on.”Now let’s keep in mind that in formal environments, the QPSA has a completely different meaning: Qualified Pre-retirement Survivor Annuity (which is a form of a pension plan, much like a life insurance policy).

Don’t think that only Spanish speakers use the QPSA abbreviation, as English speakers use it as well to ask a friend what’s going on, in a very informal and sociable manner, of course. Some conservatives would frown upon the slaughtering of the Spanish language together with the English one. Still, we live in modern times, so Internet texting abbreviations have no boundaries.

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QPSA – Que Pasa

QPSA texting acronyms