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What does AKA mean?

Congratulations for reaching Guess the Text answers level 49 page and the mid section of the game. This time we have to find an answer to “what does AKA mean.” While this text acronym precedes the Internet and texting altogether, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t verify your own solution to this challenge by looking over the Guess the Text answers, cheats and explanations we provide! After all, some texting acronyms changed meaning, didn’t they?

You have exactly 51 levels left to answer and 51 more text abbreviations to guess. Don’t worry about anything: we are here to provide you with full Guess the Text cheats and resources, explaining you all you need to know about text acronyms. So let’s get the show on the road, see what does AKA mean and move closer to the finish line!

AKA (or a.k.a.) means “also known as” and has been in use even before the Internet slang took over the planet. Around 1945 – 1950, Police records were referring to felons in terms of “John Smith, a.k.a. John the Slayer” to specify an alias. The acronym is still in use in law enforcement, but also in the entertainment industry, literature and even social media.

In our more open-minded times, we use the AKA or a.k.a. acronym in text-based conversations in a rather ironic, figuratively and facetiously manner when we talk about some people (who are not felons with aliases). For instance, we can say something about a friend in terms of “George AKA the stud of the bunch.”

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AKA – Also Known As

AKA texting acronyms