Guess the Text Answers Level 48:

What does IDC mean?

You have to be a special breed of text-based communication user to not ask yourself “what does IDC mean” in casual conversations. You’ll get the irony soon enough. If you are not sure about this text acronym meaning as requested by the game, look below and read the Guess the Text answers, explanations, cheats and fun facts. You’ll find out that some texting acronyms suggest disrespect too.

We have to emphasize on the fact that you’re getting closer to the mid section of the game and that’s awesome! You’ll have just half of game to learn new text abbreviations and texting acronyms together with their alternative meanings and uses! We cannot be more proud! Let’s seize the opportunity and learn “what does IDC mean” and how to avoid being impolite in Internet slang and phone messaging!

This is one of the most disrespectful and impolite Internet slang texts you can use in text-based conversations. It does not only mean “I don’t care”, it means you actually don’t care enough to even type three very short words.

This acronym is used when you want to emphasize that a person or a topic being in discussion doesn’t move the slightest form of interest inside you, and you’re not afraid to show it.

Guess the Text Answers –

IDC – I Dont Care

IDC texting acronyms