Guess the Text Answers Level 47:

What does HMWK mean?

If you really don’t know “what does HMWK mean” in Internet slang and text-based conversations, you might be right to consider it conveys a very long phrase. After all, text abbreviations and texting acronyms are employed to save time in typing long sentences. Be amazed by the true meaning of this slang text while reading the following Guess the Text answers for level 47!

Many consider that using text abbreviations and text acronyms is a sign of laziness and disrespect towards the language. However, even if some are lazy and some are just incredibly pressured by time and life stress, text abbreviations are here and are in use, so we’d better learn to use them to get along with the others. So let’s see “what does HMWK mean” and why so many people are pissed about it!

This is how you’ll end up writing if you don’t do your homework! JK! In Internet slang HMWK refers to “homework” (observe the total lack of vowels). This is another of those words-turned-slang-texts which the conservatives consider a form of English language abuse and slaughtering. Since teenagers use it the most, you can understand the concern related to their level of interest in writing correctly

Teenagers use HMWK instead of “homework” usually when texting over their smartphones or inside Tweet messages (to save some letters). However, there is another important use of the HMWK abbreviation in the medical field – High Molecular Weight Kininogen. This is used when talking about a certain blood clotting factor.

Guess the Text Answers –

HMWK – Homework

HMWK texting acronyms