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What does F2F mean?

You may know what F1 stands for, but when it comes to what does F2F mean, things tend to get tricky. It looks like a keyboard shortcut or a math function, but in order to get the correct solution, we advise you to read the following Guess the Text answers, cheats and explanations. After all, we’re here to educate and teach you about text abbreviations and their uses!

Even in IT slang, this acronym means something else. You might question the validity of these texting acronyms, since they seem to be so contextual, but their most used meaning is established by popular consent. We’re here to offer a wider perspective with the Guess the Text answers guide, so let’s see what the Internet people consider when it comes to answering to “what does F2F mean in text abbreviations”!

This is not a keyboard shortcut, but the Internet slang for the rather common expression “face to face.” Depending on the context, also in computer-based discussions, you may find the F2F abbreviation meaning “friend-to-friend” in reference to the computers in the same network.

The F2F slang text is usually used in chat rooms and online dating sites and it is employed to emphasize that someone wants to meet another one in person (usually after a long period of time of online conversations).

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F2F – Face to Face

F2F texting acronyms