Guess the Text Answers Level 44:

What does PCM mean?

Don’t mistake PCM for PCP, will you? “What does PCM mean” comes as a rather important question, as truth be told, some resources say this particular text acronym has more than one hundred different meanings. Of course, some are better known than others. But you’re on the Guess the Text answers level 44 page, so you want to find out this acronym’s text-based conversation slang usage and meaning.

When looking for text abbreviations meanings you can get lost on the Internet and find hard to choose the correct one. This is why we encourage you to keep our Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations close, as we deliver you the answer requested by the game and guide you through the jungle of texting acronyms! Let’s see what does PCM means and reach the next level!

You have to give in to the curiosity and read sometimes the over 140 different meanings assigned to the PCM acronym in the English language. Even if one of the most used ones in formal environments is “per calendar month” (in accounting, to be more specific), we’re into the world of Internet slang, so PCM stands for “please call me.”

We tell people to PCM when we want to talk to them in person and not only via text messages. It is also used when we have to emphasize that it would be better to speak over the phone in a more private manner.

Guess the Text Answers –

PCM – Please Call Me

PCM texting acronyms