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What does LMBO mean?

Doesn’t this text acronym sound like “limbo”? It does, but this is not the correct solution to the question “what does LMBO mean?” To find the correct solution and learn a few fun facts about this Internet slang text, make the best use of our Guess the Text answers level 43 page, as we give you more than an answer, we offer explanations and information!

There are people who refuse using text abbreviations and texting acronyms even during online chatting or phone messaging, because they don’t want to slaughter the language. However, millions use text acronyms to get their message through so you might get lost in translation if you don’t get the text acronyms’ meaning. Let’s start with what does LMBO mean and add this answer to the ones we already found out!

LMBO stands for “laughing my butt off”. As laughing power it is placed between LOL (the laughter being definitely more intense) and LMAO (the laugher level being certainly less dramatic).

We use the LMBO slang text to emphasize we laugh very, very hard. There are some theories tracing back the origin of this expression to comedian Mike Turnipseed Jr. who allegedly used the expression “laughing my black off” sometime in 2013.

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LMBO – Laugh My Butt Off

LMBO texting acronyms