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What does GM mean?

We have another tricky text acronym ladies and gentlemen and in order to find out what does GM mean (in Internet slang), you have to forget about the other meanings you are used to associate with this abbreviation. Even in text slang this one means something different, according to the environment it’s used, so make the best out of the following the Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations.

The best way to learn how to correctly employ text abbreviations and texting acronyms is to read our Guess the Text help pages and resources, as we don’t just give you the answer, we walk you through the meanings and uses of each acronym. What better opportunity to both win the game and master slang texts? Let’s figure out what does GM mean in Internet slang and level up!

Even if in formal and official (business and industry) environments GM stands for General Manager, in Internet slang we use the GM acronym to say “good morning.” Let’s not forget that when we read something about a company called GM, we are reading about the famous automaker General Motors.

GM as in “good morning” is usually used in online gaming, as people have little time to actually speak while engaged in an online team game. So GM is the politest form of opening a morning conversation with your partners. Keep in mind that GM is also used to talk about the “Game Master” in the gaming environment, especially when it comes to MMORPG games (usually referring to the game’s administrator).

Guess the Text Answers –

GM – Good Morning

GM texting acronyms