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What does B/C mean?

You stumbled upon a very interesting text abbreviation, but in order to answer to the “what does B/C mean” question, you have to do some research in your general knowledge baggage. In case you’re confused about the solution or you’re not sure you’re on the right path, come on over and read our Guess the Text answers, cheats, hints and explanations!

Text abbreviations are confusing in general, as the same acronym may mean one (or several) thing in real life, and a completely different thing in Internet slang. This is why we love this game, as it’s quite educational and teaches you a lot about Internet slang! Remember to use our Guess the Text cheats to learn new things and have some fun! Now let’s see what does B/C mean and get closer to the finish line!

Don’t mistake B.C. (which stands for “Before Christ” as a formal way of expressing historical and archeological time) with B/C – whichin Internet slang means the word “because.” Don’t you miss the times when ‘cause was the shorthand for “because”?

We use B/C to introduce causality into an argument, in the same manner we use “because”. There are other uses for the B/C acronym, such as Benefit / Cost (analysis or balance) or Biological & Chemical (reaction).

Guess the Text Answers – 

B/C – Because

B/C texting acronyms