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What does 2NITE mean?

Have you ever wondered what does 2NITE mean when you received some message containing this text abbreviation? Well, it’s time you learn its meaning and uses with the help of our Guess the Text answers level 4. We also provide you with info related to the construction of the 2NITE slang text and we help you understand what does this mean in texting.

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2Nite stands for “tonight”. We’re not sure if Tupac was the first one to use the 2NITE abbreviation to express the word “Tonight”, but the regretted star does indeed have a song titled “If I die 2nite”. For your peace of mind, no, he didn’t die THAT night.

Numbers 2 and 4 are quite common to abbreviate words because of their phonetic resemblance with “to”, “too” and “for”, respectively. This is how we contracted to-night with 2nite.

Guess the Text Answers –

2NITE – Tonight

2NITE texting acronyms