Guess the Text Answers Level 38:

What does GAL mean?

People asking themselves ‘what does GAL mean’ might get really confused when they find out that the answer requested by the game is not the same with the one they initially thought of. Out of all text abbreviations in this game, GAL may be the trickiest one, as it has different meanings. But fret not! We have the complete Guess the Text answers for level 38 and you’ll get the solution below!

You’re getting closer to an important milestone, so you have to be careful. So far you did a great job guessing all the texting acronyms, but the road to the finish line is still very long. Come here and look for the Guess the Text cheats, hints and explanations and level up! Now let’s solve this mystery and find out what does GAL mean!

GAL has many meanings and the most formal one is “centimeter-gram-second unit of acceleration” – a unit used to measure values of gravity, coming from Galileo Galilei name. As a substantive, a “gal” is a shorter slang way to refer to a “girl.” In Internet slang, however, GAL means “get a life.”

We tell people to GAL in an ironic, slightly aggressive manner, when they waste our time with their unimportant, mundane, pseudo-problems. We usually tell this to obsessed people who talk over and over again about completely uninteresting things that involve no productivity whatsoever.

Guess the Text Answers –

GAL – Get a Life

GAL texting acronyms