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What does BTA mean?

It is only logical to wonder ‘what does BTA mean’ when you see it written in a chat box or in a phone text message, as this particular text acronym is not so obvious and it can make you think about a great number of things. But as texting acronyms go, you’re in the right place, as we have all the Guess the Text cheats, hints and information to help you beat the game!

We’ll share a text abbreviations solving tip: try to read out loud the sequence of letters you see (especially when they include numbers) to see what you get. If this doesn’t work come to our Guess the Text answers pages to get your solution and your fun facts! So what does BTA mean? Let’s take a look below and find out!

As texting acronyms go, BTA means “but then again” – an expression which is in fact an idiom. Don’t mistake Internet slang BTA with other BTA abbreviations out there, which may mean quite many things from Bicycle Transportation Alliance to Bladder Tumor Antigen (and the list goes on).

We use the BTA (“but then again”) text slang / full idiom when we introduce a counterargument into a conversation or we want to emphasize on a contrasting idea to the one already discussed.

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BTA – But then Again

BTA texting acronyms