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What does @WRK mean?

The Guess the Text answers level 36 page presents you with an interesting question: what does @WRK mean and how do we connect symbols with letters? What does this symbol mean in texting, you ask? Well, you will find out soon enough by reading the following Guess the Text answers, hints, tips and explanations. All we can say is that this is one of the most used text abbreviations in Facebook chatting and phone messaging.

We’re sure you have some idea related to the meaning of the symbol in question here, but we do encourage you to verify your own solution against ours. It would be a shame to get stuck just because you didn’t check your answer against a full Guess the Text walkthrough. So let’s see what does @WRK mean and move up one level!

This famous symbol needs little presentation: @ is translated with “at” and it came along together with the rise of emails as a supreme form of correspondence between people. The WRK contraction means simply “work” – a word orphaned of its only vowel. When you say you’re @WRK it means you are actually “at work”.

This Internet slang text is used when you don’t have time to chat while at the office and you warn your conversation partner that you’re busy. You can elegantly use this to warn that you’re being watched (by colleagues or your boss). Also, you can use it as a polite manner to avoid a conversation.

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@WRK – At Work

@WRK texting acronyms