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What does TMB mean?

In modern days ‘what does TMB mean’ can only elicit one answer, but you should keep in mind that some text acronyms changed meaning along with technological developments. In other words, you might get confused by the Guess the Text answers for level 35 in case you used a mobile phone in the nineties. As usual, we are here with complete text abbreviations explanations to clear things up.

The younger generation may be more updated with Internet slang, but even adults should know the meaning of some slang texts, to avoid communication confusions and misinterpretations. Whenever you feel uncertain about a text acronym in the game, come here and use our Guess the Text answers, hints and cheats. So let’s find together the correct answer to‘what does TMB mean’ question and help you level up!

“Tweet Me Back” seems to be the Internet peoples’ most favorite meaning associated with the TMB text, but let’s ask ourselves: what was before Twitter? Well, a long time before social media, we had old school SMSs, so TMB also used to mean “text me back.”

TMB has a few interesting alternative usages. They are not incredibly well known, but they are there and we should be aware of them, not to make unfortunate mistakes. So TMB can stand for “Typical Minority Behavior” (used when one person acts completely in accordance to the stereotypes associated with the respective minority). It is also used to express “Take Me Back” (as in reminiscing a fine past memory).

Guess the Text Answers –

TMB – Tweet Me Back

TMB texting acronyms