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What does DM mean?

‘What does DM mean’ may get different answers, depending who you ask and when. For the game’s purpose, we’ll offer you the Guess the Text answers and cheats related to the solution you are required to fill in. However, we will also include several different meanings related to one of the oldest text abbreviations we have around. After all, this is the fun of texting acronyms; we always have to be careful when we use them!

We have to congratulate you for finishing one third of the total game text acronyms, you are steadily becoming a master of text abbreviations and text-best communication slang! But don’t overestimate your skills, there are plenty of tricky text acronyms and challenges you have to face, so first let’s answer to‘what does DM mean’, and then ambitiously solve the next puzzles!

DM stands for “direct message” in Twitter and Instagram slang. However, the second most used and known meaning of DM is even older than “direct message” and it stands for “Dungeon Master.” All the ones playing Dungeons and Dragons for a long time will immediate associate the DM meaning with their favorite game.

DM has been used in Twitter slang for some time, but in Instagram, it is relatively new. The DM feature was recently introduced and allows the user to send a certain photo to a group up to 15 people, instead of making it visible to all his / her Instagram followers. It’s a SnapChat-inspired option.

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DM – Direct Message

DM texting acronyms