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What does BF mean?

Contemporary teenage girls would probably laugh in the face of an adult asking ‘what does BF mean’, but not everybody is a text abbreviations expert as the new generation is. Some of us playing this game also need the Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations to understand some texting acronyms meanings and uses. And that’s why we are here for!

Some of these text acronyms managed to get out of the slang bubble, enter official dictionaries and become mainstream words. Not all text abbreviations got this treatment however, but here on the Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations guide, we will highlight those texting acronyms that made it outside the slang environment. So let’s find out what does BF mean and if you can use it both in writing and live conversations!

In Internet slang, BF clearly means “boyfriend” and was created by keeping the first letter of the two words composing the term (boy and friend). As you probably understood by now, the dictionaries accept this abbreviation as a noun, with BFs as a plural form.

BF however has different other uses, depending on the context. The most common alternative use is “best friend”, so be very specific when you talk about a male buddy (as people can mistake him for your boyfriend). The abbreviation is also used to refer to Black Friday and also Blood Flow (in medical slang). Also, BF as in “boyfriend” is used in live informal conversations as well.

Guess the Text Answers –

BF – Boyfriend

BF texting acronyms