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What does PPL mean?

Another one of those text abbreviations that mean different things in life and Internet slang, this acronym is quite frequent. ‘What does PPL mean’ can be answered if we make some research on Twitter for instance. There’s no time for that, granted, so let’s use the Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations instead to get to the bottom of this mystery. After all, this is why the Guess the Text guide is for!

Whenever you wonder what does this mean in texting every time you see a new text acronym you don’t get, remember that many are built on relatively simple patterns. However, if you are new to Internet slang, play this game and use our Guess the Text answers and tips to enrich your text abbreviations knowledge! So let’s find out what does PPL mean!

If you ever wondered what PPL means in texting, now it’s time to find out: it is Internet shorthand for the word “people.” It is a contracted form of the word, as in fast-typing we eliminated the vowels (a practice many people consider to be “language slaughtering”). You’ll see it in Twitter messages quite often.

While PPL in text messaging usually means “people”, there are also alternative employments of this abbreviation. It is used to refer to a Private Pilot License held by a pilot, for instance. Some darker corners of the Internet use this as acronym for “panic, poop and leave” – a way of saying that someone went through a very awkward and embarrassing social situation and acted accordingly.

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PPL – People

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