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What does BRB mean?

Did you enjoy the old James Bond movies back in their day? We know, it seems that there’s no connection between ‘what does BRB mean’ and decade-old Bond movies, but if you read the next Guess the Text answers you will have a clearer picture on this particular text acronym. After all, some text abbreviations came to convey different meanings along the years, as we already told you.

It so happens that some texting acronyms have a more interesting history than others and if you want to enhance your general cultural knowledge baggage, you can use our Guess the Text hints, tips and explanations as resources. So what does BRB mean in the world of texting acronyms and modern slang? Depends on who you ask, but let’s see what the game expects from you!

BRB means “be right back” for a very long time, being one of the most polite Internet texting abbreviations we use. It stands for “I’ll take a break from the computer, but I will return later” – as an elegant manner to end a conversation. It is sometimes used in live conversations as well when we just leave a room for a few minutes for instance.

BRB however has an older use, traditionally associated with a Big Red Button – a real button allegedly used to detonate the A-bomb or to unleash destruction and mayhem. It was used in fiction ever since the Cold War and symbolized self-destruction, detonation, emergency shut-down and everything along these lines (that’s the connection with James Bond movies!).

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BRB – Be Right Back

BRB texting acronyms