Guess the Text Answers Level 29:

What does BCNU mean?

Congratulations for making it to the Guess the Text answers level 29 page! We have to answer together the “what does BCNU mean” question and enjoy the awesome feeling of beating the game! When it comes to common texting abbreviations, this one uses a construction pattern we have discussed before. If you’re still in the dark (SITD!) about this text acronym meaning and uses, enjoy the Guess the Text answers and explanations we provide below!

While you enjoy your progress through levels and texting acronyms, you have to keep in mind the game is getting trickier and not all text acronyms are obvious in meaning, or the building patterns. This is why you should always check our Guess the Text answers first; it would be a pity to get stuck! So let’s see ‘what does BCNU mean’!

We know that C stands usually for “see” and that U always stands for “you”, so if we try to read out loud these letters we get close to their meaning: “be seeing you”.

We say BCNU at the end of a text-based conversation as a form of saying goodbye or “see you soon”, both online and in person. The BCNU abbreviation has other uses, but they are too contextual and niche to mistake the Internet slang text with something else.

Guess the Text Answers –

BCNU – Be Seeing You

BCNU texting acronyms