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What does TMI mean?

We told you before that some text abbreviations precede the Internet slang era and if you wonder ‘what does TMI mean’ in text-based communication you will find out that it may mean a complete different thing on Wall Street. The beauty of our Guess the Text answers, cheats, hints and explanations is that they offer you a larger perspective on text acronyms so you can use them properly in texting and real life also.

We love how you’re willing to learn new things about the text abbreviations featured by the game. This is why our duty is to offer you complete explanations related to all the Guess the Text answers for all levels! We came a long way, but there are over 70 more texting acronyms you have to guess, so let’s see ‘what does TMI mean’!

The game says TMI means “too much info”, but the Internet agrees the full expression is “too much information”. It means basically the same thing. Don’t mistake this abbreviation for Total Market Index and other alternative uses of the text.

In Internet slang we use the TMI abbreviation as a warning or a polite way of saying that someone just revealed to us information which should have been kept private (because it is intimate, doesn’t concern us, or makes us feel embarrassed). It’s usually used when someone gives us details about sexual encounters or tells us some spicy stories we are not too keen to learn about.

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TMI – Too much Info

TMI texting acronyms