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What does NSFW mean?

People started wondering ‘what does NSFW mean’ in the latest years, as more and more companies understood the business uses of the Internet and gave access to it to their employees. While using the net for personal purposes while at work is not quite recommended, you have to know what some text abbreviations mean, to not get fired, for instance. Yes, some texting acronyms are that serious in meaning!

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NSWF means “not safe for work”. This acronym means that you’re about to watch inappropriate content. It stands for a warning that you shouldn’t get involved with something from the web in the presence of your co-workers or your boss.

The NSFW tag (as it is a tag) can be attached to any email, URL, hyperlink, document, website or any Internet content which is usually associated with pornography, nudity or profanity – which you wouldn’t want to be caught accessing while at work. Fun fact: at some point in 2007, the founder of tried to trademark the expression, but his application was denied.

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NSFW – Not Safe for Work

NSFW texting acronyms