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What does RTM mean?

The ones working in the IT business don’t ask themselves too often what does RTM mean, as they already know. However, the world is not made of only IT specialists and the purpose of the game is to introduce the text-best communication beginners in the world of text abbreviations. Our purpose is to offer you all the Guess the Text answers, cheats and hints for you to learn new texting acronyms and beat the game!

So what does this mean in texting? This question is frequent among people just discovering Internet slang, fast phone messaging and online chatting. Of course, some text abbreviations have been in use long before text chatting and we’re here to give you useful Guess the Text hints, explanations and info! Let’s see what does RTM mean in Internet slang, shall we?

RTM is a rather controversial acronym, as its main meaning is “Release to Manufacturer” or “Release to Manufacturing” in IT software production processes. It refers to a final or almost final version of an IT product (piece of software usually, rarely a piece of hardware, depending on the context) which should be ready for mass production. But while RTM is a serious abbreviation, in Internet slang it means “Read the Manual” – with its more colloquial version RTFM (and we won’t explain you what the F letter stands for, as it’s too obvious).

RTM as “Read the Manual” is used usually as an answer when somebody asks a silly question which has such an obvious solution, it blows your mind. Yet, people still ask the question, even if the answer is more than evident, and this is what they may get in return from a frustrated conversation partner.

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RTM – Read the Manual

RTM texting acronyms