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What does OIC mean?

Isn’t it great to ask yourself ‘what does this mean in texting’ and get a full answer? We bet you wondered a few times ‘what does OIC mean’ without getting a full explanation, but the confusion stops right here! Guess the Text answers level 25 offers you the information you need to not only understand the OIC meaning and uses, but to learn how many text abbreviations are built!

Many texting acronyms use the same building patterns, so after you finish the game, with the help of our Guess the Text hints, tips and explanations, you’ll be able to figure out many similar texting acronyms! Maybe invent a few text abbreviations of your own that might catch to the public! But let’s do things right: see ‘what does OIC mean’ and then level up!

One of the most frequent questions people ask about Internet slangs is “what does c mean in texting”. From this point of view, the OIC meaning is simple: “Oh, I see”. Letter C sounds a lot like the word “see”, and therefore is used as shorthand for everything that contains the word “see”. Next time you see text acronyms using letter C, read the C as “see” and get closer to their meaning!

However, OIC is not the most frequent abbreviation you’ll find online, because most of us use only the “I C” combination to simply say “I see” – as “I understand”, “I get it.” Truth be told, the OIC abbreviation is less used in common text-based conversations because as an acronym it can convey multiple meanings which are not so… politically correct to say the least. As “Oh I see” we employ it in order to let the others know that we understood what we have been told.

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OIC – Oh I See

OIC texting acronyms