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What does BESTIE mean?

Did anybody ask you a few years ago “Sup’ bestie?” and left you in complete awe, wondering what does bestie mean and what does soup have to do with anything? If you weren’t there at the beginning of the text abbreviations and Internet slang era, you have all reasons to be confused by these texting acronyms. But fret not, we are here to give you all the Guess the Text answers you need!

You have to understand that not all text acronyms are indeed regular acronyms. Along the years, some of these slang texts turned into real words that made it to the dictionaries. If you’re confused by some of this game’s text acronyms, read our Guess the Text hints, cheats and explanations! So let’s find out ‘what does BESTIE mean’ and when we can use it!

This word, just like “selfie” is not an abbreviation per se, but a noun. It made it to the dictionaries, together with other words ending in the suffix “-ie” and is a form of affectionately calling someone your “best friend”.

Official dictionaries included the word “bestie” as a noun (with the plural form “besties”) around 2010, when people started using the word more and more often. Just like “selfie”, this is not an acronym, but a word proving the high adaptability of English speakers to the changes brought by technology and the high speeds we live our lives at.

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BESTIE – Best Friend

BESTIE texting acronyms