Guess the Text Answers Level 22:

What does ILY mean?

In the world of text abbreviations, ILY is one of the most used and easy to find in phone messages, Facebook chat and all sorts of private IM conversations. What does ILY mean? Well, you’re about to find out, as we have the Guess the Text answers for level 22 right here! This is the best source for you to learn the meaning and the uses of this slang text!

You have to appreciate the game developers for offering you a fun and educational means for you to learn many new text abbreviations and texting acronyms, so you don’t fall behind your friends in casual text-based interactions! We’re here to give you all the Guess the Text answers level by level! So let’s see what does ILY mean and get closer to an important milestone!

While it’s clear that ILY stands for “I love you”, some sources say that ILY also stands for “I’m Leaving You”, so be careful how you use this abbreviation, when and with whom, as you might get misunderstood quickly.

Do you remember MySpace? It seems to be the place of origin for ILY as “I love you”, but even if that social platform is less and less used, the abbreviation remained as a quick reminder of a person’s feelings for a partner or a close friend.

Guess the Text Answers –

ILY – I Love You

ILY texting acronyms