Guess the Text Answers Level 21:

What does OT mean?

The correct question we have to ask here is ‘what does OT mean’ in this game and in text-based communication, as this is one of those many text acronyms that have multiple uses in official environments, like business and entertainment. But you’re here on the Guess the Text answers level 21 page to find out the meaning and uses of this text slang in Internet communication and messaging. As usual, we deliver as expected!

You’re getting closer to the first quarter of this awesome and challenging game! How do you feel about the featured text abbreviations explained so far? Were they all familiar to you, or did you find our Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations useful to help you level up? Drop us a line with your thoughts, but first… what does OT mean?

You’d be surprised by the large number of meanings OT actually has in text-based conversations. The Internet people agree that the most common meaning of OT is “off topic”. For the sake of online comprehensive conversations, let’s see a few other OT meanings: it can stand for “Over Time”, “Occupational Therapy/Therapist”, and “Old Testament” and for “Original Trilogy” (in Star Wars language, meaning the original three movies).

We use OT as “off topic” when someone introduces a new subject into a conversation, which has no relationship whatsoever with the topics and ideas discussed before. Fun fact: some sources say that OT is also an abbreviation for “alright” (invented by an Internet group called “Derkas of the 918”).

Guess the Text Answers –

OT – Off Topic

OT texting acronyms