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What does 2MORO mean?

In the world of common text abbreviations, the question ‘what does 2MORO mean’ seems silly among heavy text-based communication users, but this doesn’t mean the answer is easy for the inexperienced ones. We have, as usual, a complete Guess the Text walkthrough, containing all the Guess the Text answers, hints and explanations related to the texting acronyms you’ll come across in the game. Is a slang text giving you problems? Solve it with our help pages and resources!

They say we started using texting acronyms because we’re lazy to type and we’re willing to slaughter the language. However, text abbreviations and text acronyms are a mirror of our fast-paced lives and stressful environment, so we’d better learn using them to not get lost in translation! What does 2MORO mean? Let’s find out and level up!

It’s not rocket science to understand how “tomorrow” managed to get abbreviated as 2MORO. Usually, number 2 means “to” or “too”, but you already knew that. It’s Internet shorthand because of the number’s phonetic resemblance with the two above-mentioned words. As “moro” is concerned, it is easy to figure out how it ended up being shortened in this manner.

We are not sure when this abbreviation was used for the first time. All we can say is that it is frequently used on Twitter (because the delimited number of characters of any Twitter message) and during text-based conversations, because it saves a lot of time.

Guess the Text Answers –

2MORO – Tomorrow

2MORO texting acronyms