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What does STBY mean?

When it comes to answering the question what does STBY mean, we have to warn you that there are multiple solutions to choose from in casual text-based conversations. However, since we are on the Guess the Text answers and cheats for level 19, we have to stick to the text abbreviations meanings the game requires. Congratulations for reaching level 19! BTW, we’re proud to see you’re making such awesome progress with solving the text acronyms challenges!

What you have to remember is that we have all the Guess the Text answers you need in order to solve the entire game with flying colors and learn new text acronyms. Whenever you get stuck to some slang text, come here and get your Guess the Text cheats and explanations! Now let’s figure out ‘what does STBY mean’!

Have a laugh at the Internet itself and try to google “STBY meaning”. You will find few to none explanations about the STBY text-based slang meaning or origin (“sucks to be you”), but you will find numerous references related to the meanings and uses of the word “standby” which only means that some people use STBY to convey the meaning of the word “standby.”

Back to Internet slang, however, we can tell you that STBY is a form of showing empathy towards someone, or, on the contrary, irony related to a friend’s problematic situation. Let’s imagine this conversation:

“My parents forbade me to get out of the house for the next two weeks”

“Yeah, STBY.”

You can say that and feel truly sorry for your friend, or actually feel amused by the situation. In any case, text-based communication hasn’t solved the “tone of voice and attitude” problem yet, so you can’t figure out the hidden and subtle attitude of a conversation partner in writing.

Guess the Text Answers –

STBY – Sucks to be You

STBY texting acronyms